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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017The influence of institutional quality of firm size and number of non-state firm at province level in VietnamTrinh Minh Han
2014Interaction effects between FDI growth and institutional environment. a case of Vietnam, 2008 - 2011Dang Vo Tuan
2021The liveliness of sidewalks in Ho Chi Minh city and its impact on property values in mixed-use neighborhoodsNguyen Thi Hong Thu
2015Mangrove and production risk in aquaculture in Mekong river delta, VietnamDo Huu Luat
2016Maternal health care in Vietnam: demand for antenatal care and choice of delivery care servicesNguyen Thi Hoai Trang
2017Online shopping vs. In-store shopping: an analysis of choice behaviorPham Nhu Man
2014Productivity growth, technological progress and efficiencychanges in Vietnamese high-tech industriesDao Hoang Binh Thien
2015Quantitative risk analysis: an approach for Vietnam stock marketNguyen Nam Khanh
2013Stochastic frontier models review with applications to Vietnamese small and medium enterprises in metal manufacturing industryNguyen Quang
2014Surveying the difference of TFP between group of Taiwan - Korea and group of Thailand – Malaysia; and their TFP growths determinantsDuong Khanh Toan
2013Technical efficiency of poultry farms in Vietnam non-parametric and parametric approachesNguyen Thi Ngoc Linh
2016The willingness to pay for flood insurance in Mekong river deltaNguyen Ngoc Que Anh
2013Willingness to pay for the conservation of Yew-trees in VietnamNguyen Thanh Tuan