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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022Foreign financial flows, human capital and economic growth in African developing countriesSu Dinh Thanh
2019Global emissions: a new contribution from the shadow economyNguyen Phuc Canh
2016Governance of Vietnam’s financial institutions in accordance with international standards until 2020Tram Thi Xuan Huong
2023How do countries deal with global uncertainty? Domestic ability to absorb shock through the lens of the economic complexity and export diversificationNguyen Phuc Canh
2022How do stock, oil, and economic policy uncertainty influence the green bond market?Linh Pham
2019Impact of foreign direct investment, trade openness and economic institutions on growth in emerging countries: the case of VietnamSu Dinh Thanh 
2022The impact of ICT patents on economic growth: An international evidenceNguyen Phuc Canh
2022The importance of export diversification for national entrepreneurship densityNguyen Phuc Canh
2022The influences of government spending on energy poverty: Evidence from developing countriesNguyen Phuc Canh
2022Influences of uncertainty on the returns and liquidity of cryptocurrencies: evidence from a portfolio approachNguyen Quang Binh
2016Institution and bank credit allocations in emerging market economies: public or private sector?Nguyen Phuc Canh
11-Nov-2016Institution, external debts, and fiscal policy: an empirical investigation in Asia Pacific countriesNguyen Trung Thong
28-Sep-2017Institutional quality, macro liquidity excessive and stock market volatility: empirical evidences from emerging marketsNguyen Phuc Canh
2016Institutions and credit risk in banking system: the case of emerging economiesNguyen Phuc Canh
2019Institutions, economic openness and stock return co-movements: an empirical investigation in emerging marketsNguyen Phuc Canh
2016Institutions, inward FDI, trade openness and credit volatility in emerging market economiesNguyen Phuc Canh
2022The “karma” of impact on the Earth: will humans take responsibility? Evidence of energy consumption and CO2 emissionsNguyen Phuc Canh
2023Last chance to travel or safety first? The influence of exposure to natural hazards and coping capacities on tourism consumptionNguyen Phuc Canh
2016Monetary policy transmission and bank lending channel in VietnamNguyen Phuc Canh
2014Monetary transmission through interest rate channel in Vietnam before and after the crisisTram Xuan Huong