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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023The paradox of investment timing in small business: Why do firms invest when it is too late?Nguyen, B.
2020Predictability of GCC stock returns: the role of geopolitical risk and crude oil returnsAlqahtani, A.
2020Predicting stock returns in the presence of COVID-19 pandemic: The role of health newsSalisu, A.A.
2021Predictors of carbon emissions: an empirical evidence from NAFTA countriesMusah, M.
2021The pricing of bad contagion in cryptocurrencies: a four-factor pricing modelShahzad, S.J.H.
2020Reinforcing poverty alleviation efficiency through technological innovation, globalization, and financial developmentZameer, H.
2020Relationship between energy demand, financial development, and carbon emissions in a panel of 101 countries: “go the extra mile” for sustainable developmentVo, X.V.
2021Return equicorrelation in the cryptocurrency market: analysis and determinantsBouri, E.
2020Role of information and communication technologies on the war against terrorism and on the development of tourism: Evidence from a panel of 28 countriesChoudhary, S.A.
2020“Small things matter most”: The spillover effects in the cryptocurrency market and gold as a silver bulletHuynh, T.L.D.
2020Spillovers and co-movements between precious metals and energy markets: implications on portfolio managementMensi, W.
2020Statistical analysis of rainfall and temperature (1901–2016) in south-east Asian countriesYaya, O.O.S.
2020Strategy-related factors moderating the fit between management accounting practice sophistication and organisational effectiveness: the Global Management Accounting Principles (GMAP) perspectiveOyewo, B.
2021Time-frequency comovement among green bonds, stocks, commodities, clean energy, and conventional bondsNguyen, T.T.H.
2020-Alemzero, D.A.