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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022Modelling the joint dynamics of financial assets using MGARCH family models: Insights into hedging and diversification strategiesSajid Ali
2022Modelling the quantile cross-coherence between exchange rates: Does the COVID-19 pandemic change the interlinkage structure?Mobeen Ur Rehman
2014Monetary transmission through interest rate channel in Vietnam before and after the crisisTram Xuan Huong
2022Multifractality during upside/downside trends in the MENA stock markets: the effects of the global financial crisis, oil crash and COVID-19 pandemicWalid Mensi
2022Multiscale dependence, spillovers, and connectedness between precious metals and currency markets: A hedge and safe-haven analysisWalid Mensi
2022A new approach to exchange rate forecast: The role of global financial cycle and time-varying parametersIbrahim D. Raheem
2022Oil shocks and volatility of green investments: GARCH-MIDAS analysesOlaOluwa S. Yaya
2016Profitability and risk in relation to income diversification of Vietnamese commercial banking systemVo Xuan Vinh
28-Sep-2017Profitability and risk of banks pre and post M&As: preliminary evidence from VietnamVo Xuan Vinh
2022Reassessing the Predictability of the Investor Sentiments on US Stocks: The Role of Uncertainty and RisksMobeen Ur Rehman
2012Relationships between service personal values, service attributes and customer satisfaction: A study of restaurant services in VietnamNguyen Thi Tuyet Hong
2011Relationships between Vietnam's stock prices and United States's stock prices, exchange rates, gold prices, crude oil pricesDo Ngoc Anh
2022Renewable and non-renewable energy consumption in Bangladesh: The relative influencing profiles of economic factors, urbanization, physical infrastructure and institutional qualityMd. Monirul Islam
2022Renewable energy-economic growth nexus revisited for the USA: do different approaches for modeling structural breaks lead to different findings?Umit Bulut
2022The return and volatility connectedness of NFT segments and media coverage: Fresh evidence based on news about the COVID-19 pandemicZaghum Umar
2022Return and volatility connectedness of the non-fungible tokens segmentsZaghum Umar
2012Return and volatility spillovers Vietnamese and some Asian marketsNguyen Vinh Nghiem
2023Risks and supply chain performance: globalization and COVID-19 perspectivesAn Thi Binh Duong
2022The role of inflation in financial development-economic growth link in sub-Saharan AfricaMuazu Ibrahim
2022Sensitivity of US sectoral returns to energy commodities under different investment horizons and market conditionsMobeen Ur Rehman