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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022Are there wages from “sin”? Working conditions spillover from paying bribe in VietnamUchenna EFOBI
2022ASEAN-5 forex rates and crude oil: Markov regime-switching analysisMukhriz Izraf Azman Aziz
2022Astonishing insights: emerging market debt spreads throughout the pandemicMariya Gubareva
2023Asymmetric impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on foreign exchange markets: Evidence from an extreme quantile approachNgo Thai Hung
2022Asymmetric multifractal behaviour and network connectedness between socially responsible stocks and international oil before and during COVID-19Mobeen Ur Rehman
2022Asymmetric pass through of energy commodities to US sectoral returnsMobeen Ur Rehman
2022Asymmetric spillover and network connectedness between gold, BRENT oil and EU subsector marketsWalid Mensi
2022Asymmetric spillovers and connectedness between crude oil and currency markets using high-frequency dataWalid Mensi
2022Audit quality and seasoned equity offerings methodsMan Dang
2012Bank income structure and risk: An empirical analysis of Vietnam commercial banksTran Dinh Khai
2023Capital structure choices and stock market volatility: Evidence from Chinese listed firmsThi Huong Giang Vuong
2022COVID-19 pandemic's impact on intraday volatility spillover between oil, gold, and stock marketsWalid Mensi
2022COVID-19 related media sentiment and the yield curve of G-7 economiesDavid Y. Aharon
2015Critical factors affect consumers' purchase intention towards greeen products in Ho Chi Minh cityTran Huy Bao
2022Decomposing scale and technique effects of financial development and foreign direct investment on renewable energy consumptionMuhammad Shahbaz
2022Dependence dynamics of stock markets during COVID-19Mobeen Ur Rehman
2022Dependence dynamics of US REITsMobeen Ur Rehman
2022Deposit insurance and credit union lendingLinh H. Nguyen
2015Determinants of bank profitability – Evidence from VietnamJonathan A. Batten
2013Determinants of capital structure: an emperical research of listed companies in HoseMai Thi Phuong Thao