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2020Asymmetric effects of U.S. monetary policy on the U.S. bilateral trade deficit with China: a Markov switching ARDL model approachThanh, S.D.
2020Asymmetric effects of unanticipated monetary shocks on stock prices: emerging market evidenceThanh, S.D.
2020Debt structure and earnings management: a non-linear analysis from an emerging economyThanh, S.D.
2020Does economic policy uncertainty matter for insurance development? Evidence from 16 OECD countriesCanh, N.P.
2020Domestic tourism spending and economic vulnerabilityCanh, N.P.
2020The effects of regional governance, education, and in-migration on business performanceNguyen, B.
2020Effects of the internet, mobile, and land phones on income inequality and the kuznets curve: cross country analysisCanh, N.P.
2020Entrepreneurship and natural resource rent-seeking: the roles of institutional qualityCanh, N.P.
2020Financial development and the shadow economy: a multi-dimensional analysisCanh, N.P.
2020Fiscal decentralization and economic growth of Vietnamese provinces: the role of local public GovernanceSu Dinh Thanh
2020Formal and informal financing decisions of small businessesNguyen, B.
2020Institutions, human capital and entrepreneurship densityNguyen, B.
2021Interdependences between cryptocurrencies: a network analysis from 2013 to 2018Schinckus, C.
2020The natural resources rents: is economic complexity a solution for resource curse?Canh, N.P.
2020Nexus between financial development & energy intensity: two sides of a coin?Canh, N.P.
2020Public spending, public governance and economic growth at the Vietnamese provincial level: a disaggregate analysisDinh Thanh, S.
2020Taxation and capital formation: non-linear effects and asymmetry between developing and developed countriesThanh, S.D.
2020-Canh, N.P.