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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014An asset-based geographic targeting: evidence from rural VietnamPham Thi Ngoc Ai
2012Causes of labor retrenchment in Vietnam: evidence from firm-based dataNguyen Thi Thanh Nhan
2016Climate change and income diversification in the Mekong river delta: a panel data analysisNguyen Thi Tuyet Nga
2014Determinants of access to formal credit by small and medium enterprises in VietnamTran Nguyen Thuy Bao Anh
2014Determinants of households expenditure on English-language education: the case of Ho Chi Minh cityLuu Thi Kieu Oanh
2016Determinants of students' academic performance: the case of Mekong river dataTran Chi Nguyen
2012Does economic growth affect environmental quality in some East Asian countries?Pham Thi Thu Huyen
2015Does provincial economic development in vietnam foster internal migration?Vo Van Hung
2015Economics of charitable giving - Understanding the motivation of donation behaviourNguyen Ngoc Nu
2016Effects of social capital on self-rated life-satisfaction among residents: evidence from VietnamTruong Ngoc Anh Thu
2015FDI and income inequality: evidence from panel data of Vietnam's provincesLam Van Roi
2016Food safety behavior in primary cook and health outcomes of household in Ho Chi Minh CityNgo Hoang Tuan Hai
2017Government expenditure and happiness: direct and indirect effectsDao Kim Tung
2015How much does mangrove ecosystem contribute to aquaculture - an empirical study for Mekong river deltaTran Phu Hoa
2013The impact evaluation of rural credit on accessibility to education, health care and clean water in rural VietnamVo Van Tai
2012The impact of education on unemployment incidence: micro evidence from VietnamLe Thi Yen Thanh
2015The impact of foreign direct investment and economic growth on CO2 emission: empirical study in ASIADo Dang Ngoc Giau
2016The influence of labor market size and social capital to outsourcing decision: empirical study for small and medium enterprises in VietnamLe Duy Minh
2021Knowledge spillover, sectoral innovation and firm total factor productivity: The case of manufacturing industries in VietnamNguyen Thi Hoang Oanh
2016The linkage between corruption and carbon dioxide emission: evidence from Asian countriesNguyen Thai Duong