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2019Do female and independent directors explain the two-way relationship between corporate social responsibility and earnings management of Chinese listed firms?Sial M.S.
2019Does corporate social responsibility affect the financial performance of the manufacturing sector? Evidence from an emerging economyCherian J.
2018Does corporate social responsibility influence corporate tax avoidance of Chinese listed companies?Gulzar M.A.
2018Does corporate social responsibility mediate the relation between boardroom gender diversity and firm performance of Chinese listed companies?Sial M.S.
2018Does firm performance influence corporate social responsibility reporting of Chinese listed companies?Sial M.S.
2021Does informal economy impede economic growth? Evidence from an emerging economyKhuong N.V.
2018Factors effect on corporate cash holdings of the energy enterprises listed on vietnam’s stock marketThu P.A.
2019Firm constraints on the link between proactive innovation, open innovation and firm performanceLiem N.T.
2019The impact of innovation on the firm performance and corporate social responsibility of Vietnamese manufacturing firmsCanh N.T.
2018Perceived audit quality, earnings management and cost of debt capital: Evidence from the energy listed firms on Vietnam’s stock marketThu P.A.
2019The relationship between real earnings management and firm performance: the case of energy firms in VietnamKhuong N.V.
2019The role of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in employment generation and economic growth: a study of marble industry in emerging economyAl-Haddad L.