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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022Does external debt as a new determinants of fiscal policy influence sustainable economic growth: implications after COVID-19Fengsheng Chien
2023Effect of financial inclusion, eco-innovation, globalization, and sustainable economic growth on ecological footprintTrong Lam Vu
2013Enhancing the application of technology to accounting education at the Vietnamese universities in economic fieldsPham Quang Huy
2020Enhancing transparency in Vietnamese state budget by framework of consistent public auditing processPham Quang Huy
2013Enhancing transparency in Vietnamse state budget by framework of consistent public auditing processPham Quang Huy
2013Exploring public finance management reform and building up model of general state accounting (GSA) - The case of VietnamPham Quang Huy
2015Exploring the overview of forensic accounting and the demand for business and education training in VietnamVo Van Nhi
2014Exploring the Vietnamese environment accoungting with an introduction about the green accounting information systemPham Quang Huy
2017The factors impact the accountability in Vietnamese public sector accounting–empirical study at administrative unitsPham Quang Huy
2020The impact of public sector scorecard adoption on the effectiveness of accounting information systems towards the sustainable performance in public sectorPham Quang Huy
2023Is related party transactions linked to accounting comparability? Evidence from emerging marketPhung Anh Thu
2022The nexus among green financial development and renewable energy: investment in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemicJianhua Ye
2023Performance evaluation of using evacuated tubes solar collector, perforated fins, and pebbles in a solar still � experimental study and CO2 mitigation analysisHitesh Panchal
2023Role of energy consumption and sustainability-oriented eco-innovation on economic growth: evidence from Middle Eastern economyYu-Te Tu
2023The role of institutional quality, renewable energy development and trade openness in green finance: Empirical evidence from South Asian countriesJialong Xu