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2021An adaptive image inpainting method based on euler's elastica with adaptive parameters estimation and the discrete gradient methodThanh D.N.H.
2020Adaptive switching weight mean filter for salt and pepper image denoisingThanh D.N.H.
2021AI and Blockchain: potential and challenge for building a smart E-Learning system in VietnamHung N.Q.
2020Chest X-Ray image denoising using Nesterov optimization method with total variation regularizationThanh D.N.H.
2021DDOS detection using machine learning techniquePande S.
2021Diagnosis of breast cancer based on modern mammography using hybrid transfer learningKhamparia A.
2020Improved adaptive weighted mean filter for salt-and-pepper noise removalErkan U.
2021Impulse denoising based on noise accumulation and harmonic analysis techniquesThanh D.N.H.
2021Method of moments with a choice of special basic functions for fourth-order partial differential equationsHieu L.M.
2021Multiregion multiscale image segmentation with anisotropic diffusionPrasath V.B.S.
2021On numerical implementation of the Laplace equation-based image inpaintingThanh L.T.
2021Recognition and classification of pomegranate leaves diseases by image processing and machine learning techniquesMadhavan M.V.
2021Simres-TV: Noise and residual similarity for parameter estimation in total variationPrasath V.B.S.
2021Single image dehazing with optimal color channels and nonlinear transformationThanh L.T.
2021Skin lesion segmentation method for dermoscopic images with convolutional neural networks and semantic segmentationThanh D.N.H.