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dc.contributor.authorYashar Salamzadeh-
dc.contributor.otherSetayesh Gharehchaei-
dc.description.abstractObjective: The concept of strategic management is to keep pace with developments in management theory. Strategic business is combination of the concepts of entrepreneurship and strategic management in recent decades that is considered by many researchers. Since one of the major factors affecting the productivity of industries, is the approach of entrepreneurship, we are about to determine the correlation between human resource management and organizations' entrepreneurial approach. The main question in this study is what is the impact of the strategic entrepreneurial approach on the human resource management activities? Methods: In this descriptive survey About 240 employees of oil companies are considered as the research population. the researcher made questionnaire was distributed among samples . The correlation between variables is tested using multiple regressions by SPSS and path analysis by LISREL software. Theoretical Framework: The main elements of the strategic entrepreneurial are used from Hitt et al. model (2001) and For the human resources management part we chose three main dimensions among too many different models and categories using expert focus groups, as The HRM Field is really wide and including all aspects might result in a great Bias. Results: Outcomes show that the conceptual model is mapped correctly and confirm the correlation between strategic entrepreneurship attitude and human resources management. In this study in the main hypothesis it is confirmed that there is a positive and significant impact of strategic entrepreneurial attitude on human resources management, path analysis and correlation test results showed that the correlation between the two variables are in the medium level. So the main research hypothesis is confirmed, in the sense that strategic entrepreneurial attitude change will cause fluctuations in Human Resource Management. Conclusion: It is therefore recommended to officials and industry executives to take action the approach towards entrepreneurship education strategy among their human resources in order to improve their output and outcome. Contribution: The Correlation between Strategic Entrepreneurial approach and Main dimensions of HRM clears the path for decision makers how to empower entrepreneurial attitude in their organization through HRM activities and as this attitude influences the organizational success in dynamic business environment, We can greatly count on empirical outcomes of this research.en
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dc.relation.ispartofProceedings of Asia Conference on Business and Economic Studies (ACBES) by University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City on 8th – 9th Sep 2018 at Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam-
dc.subjectStrategic Entrepreneurshipen
dc.subjectHuman Resources Managementen
dc.subjectCompetitive Advantageen
dc.subjectOil Companiesen
dc.titleHuman Resources Management activities through Strategic Entrepreneurial Approach: Iranian Oil Companies, A Case Studyen
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