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dc.contributor.advisorProf. Dr. Nguyen Trong Hoaien_US
dc.contributor.authorTran Phuoc Locen_US
dc.description.abstractThis study attempts to identify the determinants of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and to examine the impacts of CSR on firm’s financial performance of 6435 Vietnamese firms extracted from the combination of the Vietnam Technology and Competitiveness Survey (TCS) and the Vietnam Enterprise Survey (VES) within a three year period from 2010 to 2012. By applying the panel data and Fixed Effects Model, the empirical results suggest that CSR may have positive relationships with firm performance whereas the determinants of CSR include firm size, R&D participation, final goods ratio and ownership structures. These results are supported by a majority of empirical papers about CSR (Erhemjamts et al., 2012; Margolis et al., 2007; Russo and Fouts, 1997) and theories about CSR such as stakeholder theory, resource-based view and stewardship theory. In addition, the study also reveals the situation of CSR in Vietnam: although a large number of Vietnamese firms are already aware of CSR, most of firms only participate in Labor CSR, which is mandatory by laws while Community-related CSR is generally ignored. Based on the findings, the thesis may propose several policy recommendations to improve the CSR practice in Vietnam.en_US
dc.format.medium63 p.en_US
dc.publisherUniversity of Economics Ho Chi Minh City; VNP (Vietnam – The Netherlands Programme for M.A. in Development Economics)en_US
dc.subjectCorporate social responsibilityen_US
dc.subjectFirm performanceen_US
dc.titleThe impact of corporate social responsibility on firm performance: the case of in Vietnamese companiesen_US
dc.typeMaster's Thesesen_US
ueh.specialityDevelopment Economics = Kinh tế phát triểnen_US
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