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dc.contributor.advisorDr. Phan Thi Minh Thuen_US
dc.contributor.authorDo Thi Ngoc Thuyen_US
dc.identifier.otherBarcode: Không nộp bản cứng + CD do TP.HCM đang thực hiện giãn cách xã hội theo chỉ thị 16-
dc.description.abstractThe Office Building Z is the new grade A office building in the center of Ho Chi Minh City which offers an ideal office business destination for western firms developing their activity in Vietnam and South East Asia region and at the same time for Vietnamese companies doing the international business operation. From the grand opening phase, the property management of the office building Z received the same complaints and increased for months in the cleaning team from Tenants and Landlord. This issue affects the quality of service in general, decreases customer satisfaction and loses the opportunity to extend the office lease agreement as well as new potential tenants. Given the urgent situation of the office building, this thesis attempts to figure out the main problem and the root cause by using qualitative research. This thesis research analyzes the potential problems, potential causes and recommends the solution with an action plan for the stakeholders of the office building Z. This research includes four main parts. The first part presented the background of the company and its building operation management practices. The second part identified the potential problem by theories and intake meetings with stakeholders. The analysis showed that the company is facing the excessive workload of the cleaning team, ineffective quality control and inappropriate shift work schedule. However, the excessive workload of the cleaning team problem is significantly impacting the building performance. The third part, the research also identifies the main cause of the problem which is the reduction of cleaning staff. The last part is recommendation solutions and action plan which is the combination set solution of re-assessment workload of the current cleaning team and amend the work shift schedule corresponding to the operation hour of the building. Although the cost of the new solution is higher than the current cost for the clean team, however, the benefit of the recommended solution is much higher. This will enhance the quality of cleaning service and building performance as well as improve the current customer satisfaction and building reputation, especially cleaning is one of top concerns in the pandemic of Covid-19 circumstances.en_US
dc.format.medium63 p.en_US
dc.publisherUniversity of Economics Ho Chi Minh City; ISB (International School of Business)en_US
dc.subjectCleaning serviceen_US
dc.titleExcessive workload of the cleaning team in the case of Office Building Zen_US
dc.typeMaster's Thesesen_US
ueh.specialityBusiness Administration = Quản trị kinh doanhen_US
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