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2014Assessing the effects of the global financial crisis on the east Asian equity marketsTran Phuong Thao
2015Banking industry development and bank efficiency in an emerging market economyTran Phuong Thao
2015Behavioral intention to use mobile stock trading : evidence from Vietnam's securities investorsNguyen Phuc Binh
2022Do female directors mitigate asymmetric cost behavior? Evidence from international dataAnh-Tuan Le
2022Environmental regulation stringency and foreign direct investmentQuan Tran
2014Factors affecting customer's intention to use sredit cardMai Viet Dung
2014Factors affecting personal financial management behaviorsNguyen Thi Ngoc Mien
2015Factors affecting personal financial management behaviors: evidence from VietnamNguyen Thi Ngoc Mien
2015Heuristics influencing investment decision making and investment performance: Evidence from individual investors in VietnamNguyen Thi Thanh Thuy
2015Impact of restructuring on efficiency of vietnam’s commercial banksTran Hoang Ngan
2017Ineffective cost budgeting process at Phuc Dat land joint stock companyLe Thi Kim Dung
28-Sep-2017Net interest margin, bank risks and business cycle: evidence from VietnamTran Phuong Thao
2016Post-global financial crisis and dynamic linkages among the East Asian equity marketsTran Phuong Thao
2015Psychological empowerment and job satisfaction: a comparison of manufacturing and services industry in VietnamTruong Ngoc Anh Thu
2015Psychology factors influencing investment decision and investment performance: A study on individual investors in VietnamHo Minh Phuc
2015Relationship between volatilities of stock market and instruments of monetary policyin VietnamTran Phuong Thao
2018Salesperson failure in SMC Tan Tao limited companyNguyen Hung Cuong
2018A Study on Bank Lending Behavior: Do Business Cycle and Government Ownership Affect?Le Van Lam
2013Transmission of the global financial crisis to the east Asian equity marketsTran Phuong Thao