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dc.contributor.advisorDr. Phan Thi Minh Thuen_US
dc.contributor.authorVu Thi Thuyen_US
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dc.description.abstractToday, the banking profession is considered a dream job with many people because the high salary and reward up to several tens of millions per month. However, in order to achieve that high pay, the bankers must suffer a lot of pressure and hardships. At the retail division of VietinBank - X Branch, the average income of non-title staff ranges from 10 to 20 million VND, maybe even higher if the employees achieved good sales. However, the rate of employee quit the job at X Branch is always high at approximately 50%, the number of new recruiting staff is not enough to offset the number of employees resign. The retail division is always has the highest staff turnover rate compared to other departments in VietinBank – X Branch. The unstable personnel situation caused significant negative impacts on the business results of X Branch, the revenue and profit decrease continuously in recent years. One of the main unsettled problems at VietinBank - X Branch is the staff being work overload, pressure and heavy stress. The main reasons leading to this problem is the quantity and quality of personnel not meeting the demand of work, the staff is not trained leading to low productivity, lack of confidence and disappointed. In addition, the inappropriate workflow with many unnecessary steps is also one of the causes to increase workload for employees. To improve the work overload situation, this paper proposes two solutions related to the focus on training human resources and reducing the number of customers at the counter by encouraging more and more customers to use the Internet banking channel. The total cost of this solution included the training cost and the alternative system is about 698,882,500 VND. However, the benefits from the above solutions can completely cover the above costs. In detail, with the target of successfully register a minimum of 10,675 Internet banking per year, X Branch will obtain a huge fee from this product estimated about 1,127,280,000 VND per year. These solutions not only have a positive impact in the short term but also in the long term. The emphasis on human resource training contributes to help the staff increase their knowledge and skills to confidently handle work, improve employee productivity, enhance employee satisfaction and engagement. In addition, the move to Internet banking channel is a suitable solution with the development trend of the banking industry, bringing many benefits for both customers and banks (saving costs, fast and convenient, etc).en_US
dc.format.medium94 p.en_US
dc.publisherUniversity of Economics Ho Chi Minh City; ISB (International School of Business)en_US
dc.subjectWork overloaden_US
dc.subjectJob stressen_US
dc.titleWork overload at Vietinbank – X Branchen_US
dc.typeMaster's Thesesen_US
ueh.specialityBusiness Administration = Quản trị kinh doanhen_US
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