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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Brand loyalty in emerging marketsNguyen Dinh Tho
2016Brand personality appeal, brand relationship quality and WOM transmission: a study of consumer markets in VietnamNguyen Dinh Tho
2023Business students' psychological capital and quality of university life: the moderating role of study craftingNguyen Dinh Tho
2019Business students’ hardiness and its role in quality of university life, quality of life, and learning performanceNguyen Dinh Tho
2015Can knowledge be transferred from business schools to business organizations through in-service training students? SEM and fsQCA findingsNguyen Dinh Tho
2023Chief marketing officers' future focus and firms' sustainability marketing commitmentNguyen Ngoc Quynh Thu
2017A configurational role of human capital resources in the quality of work life of marketers: FsQCA and SEM findings from VietnamNguyen Dinh Tho
2011Determinants of application software adoption: the case of SMEs in HCMC : Luận văn thạc sĩLe Thanh Binh
2012Determinants of customer satisfaction in the personal loan serviceHoang Thi Thanh Thanh
2018Diffusing market orientation to drive marketing capital: evidence from VietnamNguyen Dinh Tho
2022Employees’ psychological capital and innovation outputs: the roles of job crafting and proactive personalityNguyen Dinh Tho
2011Enhancing relationship value between manufacturers and distributors through personal interaction: Evidence from VietnamNguyen Dinh Tho
2011An Examination of Selected Marketing Mix Elements and Brand Relationship Quality in Transition Economies: Evidence From VietnamNguyen Dinh Tho
2018Firm capabilities and performance: a necessary condition analysisNguyen Dinh Tho
2011Firm‐specific marketing capital and job satisfaction of marketers: evidence from VietnamNguyen Dinh Tho
2015A fuzzy-set comparative analysis of marketing capability configurationsNguyen Dinh Tho
28-Sep-2017Hardiness in learning and study outcomes of business studentsNguyen Dinh Tho
2015Human capital resources and quality of work life of marketers: FSQCA and SEM findingsNguyen Dinh Tho
2017Knowledge transfer from business schools to business organizations: the roles absorptive capacity, learning motivation, acquired knowledge and job autonomyNguyen Dinh Tho